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All previous beta versions now placed as stable version in download page.
download build date OS prereq
F OS/2 version 4.79 Feb 07th, 2005 requires OS/2 3.x/4.x
F Win32 version 2.79 Feb 07th, 2005 requires Win9x/NT/2K
F Linux (console) 1.78 Aug 28th, 2004 requires Linux 2.0.x or later
F Linux (X Window) 1.78 Aug 28th, 2004 requires Linux 2.0.x or later

Modifications in latest beta versions

! bug fix
* modification
+ new function

Feb  7th, 2005  (beta *.79)
! (Win32) Trap of Web server when scanned by Nessus tool
! (Win32) the tilda and back quote characters are displayed two times
  in the internal F editors under W2000.

* remove local path info from error pages reported by Web server
  as identified as a potential pb by Nessus.

Oct 24th, 2004  (beta *.78) ,not for OS/2 :(
! unable to access MVS FTP "VSAM" dataset.
! unable to access a FTP directory that is a symbolic link to full path name.
  (but is OK when link is relative to current directory)
! "start tkdiff / /o" command is not working if one of pointed file contains blank character
  same pb when in editor/viewer and use Ctl+F7 (FComp) to compare two files.
  but no problem with "tkdiff / /o" command.
! the descript.ion file is abnormally modified while copy/update a file with no description change.
! the copy/update of a file from/to FFP server does not update its description.
! Alt-1 on ffp file with relative path doesn't work,
  same correction as previously done for ftp in *.75 version

* The "! [parameters]" syntax is now explicitely rejected if current window
  is not a FFP window.                        (refer to online help for details)
* Add on/off parameter to fcolor command      (refer to online help for details)
* C-syntax expansion completed with () and [] (refer to online help for details)

Oct  6th, 2003  (beta *.76)
! iso vfs, bad iso file is locked after trial to open it via F
! @E (edit) on a file without file extension, 'Loading...' message stay on after loading.
! (Linux) xpdf not working as USER_FILEEXT_COMMAND if pointed file name is with blank character.
  but no problem if xpdf directly call from user command line.

* for all logs of F, go to end of file, when view with internal viewer
  as already done for f.log and fftp.log (but keep from start for editor)
* hexedit and edibin (Ctrl+Shift+F2 and Shit+F2) modified
  to be able to access files from any VFS
  but still not able to save in archive VFS.
* invalid error msg starting flinux via telnet, the error msg is changed
  "Sorry: flinux cannot be run under X Window, use xflinux instead."
  "Sorry: flinux unable to identify TTY device: , MAJOR: xx, MINOR: yy"

June 08th, 2003  (beta *.75)
! iso vfs, unable to view a file with subdirectory inside an ISO compressed file
  but no pb if try to access file without directory
  No pb either if using the "v /" command in place of the enter key or Alt+v
! F trap, on command execution like xxx.cmd / /o where /o is pointing to a file inside a zip
  side effect of previous changes made in beta *.72 to *.74
! (win32) for copy a file (@C), the statusline is cleared as soon as
  the first character of the target dir is entered. (not the case with OS/2)
! Alt-1 on ftp file with relative path doesn't work
! Alt-e or Alt-v,  to edit/view two files with same name from different FTP server
  windows (left and right windows), the two files are overwritten locally.
! Alt-F1 on viewed FTP file report error rather than file information
  "RC FindFirstFile=INVALID_NAME for (ftp0:/ppcsv/.../relocate.S)"

* (win32) Alt-m, Report source sharing violation (if a file locked by an application)
  while request for directory move in same drive (but target other directory),
  lets the user to decide to stop action
  or ignore the error and do a copy of all directory but not delete source.

Apr 06th, 2003  (beta *.74)
! FFP abnormal error if copy local file to remote ffp unix with file specified manually
  rather than by specifying only the target ffp directory.
  reported message is "Syntax error, missing ':' in ffpx:"
! internal editor, status line not cleared after correct file loading.
  message "Loading 1000 lines read... (ESC: interrupt)" not cleared.
  side effect last change in *.73 beta version.
! tkdiff / /o failed if /o points to a file inside a tar file window,
  but is OK if this is / that point to the same file.
! (fwin32) move marked file to directory specified by / or /o is failing
  this is a side effect of changes in beta *.73
! FTP to linux or HPUX server is not reporting dot files
  the bypass is to use the command dir /p.* to create a specific window
  in addition to the current one. (adir /p.* not yet supported)
! FTP VMS edited file unable to be saved (RC=550)
! FTP to unix server, trying to delete a directory tree is failing with RC=550
  because F is abnormally converting slash to backslash.
! (unix) Ctrl+G failed to grep marked files when done on a "dir -s" FFP window

* Ctrl+O sort by Date  function is now using either the Write/Create/Access
  date as previously selected by SF9 toggle (ref FSys in online help)

+ (Win32) dir command, Add C character to search for NTFS compressed files.
  details in online help.

Jan  5th, 2003  (beta *.73)
! meta characters /n /e /f don't work anymore
  as side effects of changes in previous x.72 beta version
! @Z and ^Z not working if /n given as target name, and name with blank character.
! fgrep -s toto /p*.htm* doesn't work on pointed path with blank character.
! ldir / (or dir lst:/) command trap on output of fgrep command.
! ftp mkdir command not working to ftp root target.
! ftp mkdir command does't retry timeout of ftp connection.

* fgrep output file modified to be handled with ldir command.
* internal editor now able to correctly update ascii files with lines greater
  than 2048 characters; even if default line length still limited to 2048 char.
  (still to be done for internal viewer)

Dec  9th, 2002  (beta *.72)
! viewer, invalid line display of elm file with syntax coloring
  when tab character present.
! v / doesn't work on ftp VMS (VAX machine) server.
! FTP VMS complete the support of FTP VMS server
  (versus previous x.6a and x.71 versions)
  should be now at same level of support as the other ftp server.
! (win32) the "/#" macro variable doesn't report the short path form of pointed file
  as described in the online help of F, but only the short name form of the name only.
! (win32) start /  command doesn't work properly if pointed file is
  with a path with blank character.
! (win32 or OS/2) Ctrl+R or Ctrl+Alt+R don't accept to rename marked files
  if I want to change the extension to upper case or lower case, even if Alt+R
  is accepting the command.

* (Win32) remove requirement to prefix REXX cmd by #r macro for command "start /"
  This is a complement of previous change done to ease usage of rexx
  in Windows environment, as already done with version *.5h

+ Copy marked files from ftp to local zip now supported.

Nov  5th, 2002  (beta *.71)
! (OS/2) Alt+C to copy long filename from zip to a FAT drive
  with target name forced to a shorter name, the command is rejected
  with error msg: "RC rename=206 for (xxx). ffilec.c(1306)."
! FTP to MVS server, unable to list volumes if one is an "ARCIVE" entry.
! FTP to VMS server, unable to access the drycas.club.cc.cmu.edu ftp server.