F file manager features

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Why a need for another file manager since there are already a lot of existing freeware, shareware or commercial file managers and shells, in several platforms (VM/CMS, DOS, GEM, OS/2, Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000/CE/XP, Linux/AIX/Unix, PalmOS, EPOC32, BeOS and QNX)? Examples of such file managers/shells:

Fulist, Filelist, FC3, OS2FL, Fileman, Norton Commander, Xtree Pro Gold, D, Shez, ZTreeBold, ZTreeWin, Xlist, Windows Commander, File Director, MrFilePM, Dirutily, Filejet, JetCommander, ADU/2, Control3, CMFiler, FM/2, FileStar/2, Midnight Commander, Ftree, Nico's Commander, EF Commander, Turbo Browser 2000, Windows 3.x File Manager, 4DOS/4NT/4OS2, Tree86, VFU, Ytree, Unixtree, Flafi, WMFinder, Drag and File, JExplorer, MS Explorer, File Commander/2, PC Tools Deluxe, TakeCommand/2, File Freedom, YAOS, FileKick, Servant Salamander, Captain Nemo, OS/2 Commander, PCOpus, X Northern Captain, XTreeWin, PowerDesk Utilities 98, MDFile, WizManager, DirMaster, FileWrangler, QuickShell, StupenDos, Star Commander, Object Desktop, DiskJockey 2000 Professional, Volkov Commander, WinNC, Pash, FileRunner, TkDesk, WebJeff filemanager, Dos Navigator II, Turbo Navigator, FAR, Connect, Xfm, X11 DFM, Manipulator, Dos Shell, Eddy, fmweb, Byte Commander, Speed Commander, FileTiger, Genesis Commander, FmEdit98, KFM, ZFM, XFTree, Larsen Commander, Opus 2000 Professional, File Probe, Magellan Explorer, Kruiser, KCommander2, Krusader, Linux Commander, BeTree, BeCommander...


Each of the above file managers has its own strengths and weaknesses but unfortunately none has all needed functions present and integrated in the same package, this is why F was created.

List of features