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Change history starting from most recent on top:
  • F OS/2 4.70 / F Win32 2.70 / F Linux 1.70 / F AIX 1.67 (November 1st, 2002)
  • F OS/2 4.60 / F Win32 2.60 / F Linux/AIX 1.5h (October 14th, 2001)
  • F Win32 1.92 (June 15th, 2000)
  • F OS/2 4.41 / F Win32 1.91 / F Linux/AIX/FreeBSD 0.A1 (May 2nd, 2000)
  • F OS/2 4.40 / F Win32 1.90 / F Linux/AIX/FreeBSD 0.A0 (April 18th, 2000)
  • F OS/2 4.34 / F Win32 1.84/ F Linux/AIX 0.98 (January 22th, 2000)
  • F OS/2 4.33 / F Win32 1.83 / F Linux/AIX 0.97 (January 19th, 2000)
    Conventions used:
      ! Bug fixed
      + New function added
      - Function removed
      * Change
      (AB) AB are the initials of the person originator of the modification.

    F OS/2 4.70 / F Win32 2.70 / F Linux 1.70 / F AIX 1.67 (November 1st, 2002)

    This is the concatenation of all the beta x.61 to x.6f from 10/15/01 to 11/01/02:
    Nov 1st, 2002  (beta *.6f)
    ! urlget trap when using ftp url address; but no problem with http url address.
      This is a side effect of the many code changes of version *.69/*.6a
      to support more than one tcpip port.
    Oct 28th, 2002  (beta *.6e)
    ! (Linux) F may hung at startup if a second instance is started. error msg:
      "msgid=-1: fmsg reception disabled. Check f.log (^F12)"
      the correction is to remove the error message and only update the f.log
    ! (Linux) Using Alt-l to list mountable directories. Able to automount on making
      a selection, but attempting to unmount a directory (alt-d) failed with rc=1
    ! (W95/98) unable to start an exe or script from F on Windows98
      if exe or script in path with blank. (comspec is command.com and not cmd.exe)
      side effect of previous x.6d version
    ! FFP, F is unable to list all entries if F server sending list
      of file/directory with one name with control character (like 0x1A)
      (same correction as previously done for FTP in x.6c)
    ! FTP, memberlist of a MVS host PDS does not get displayed.
      side effect of previous FTP client code change in x.6a
    ! @^U (update-bg) of local directory c:\tmp to remote ffpx:c:\tmp
      is rejected with abnormal "circular request"
    ! Enter key of a zip/sfx inside a zip directory, abnormally displayed as binary
      the zip/sfx file, rather than to open a new window with zip/sfx files list.
    ! missing [COMMON] tag before USE_NEW_SESSION keyword in fsample.cfg
      WARNING: you need to make the same change in your own f.cfg
    * ^H (C procedure tagging) add an error msg if try to search the word under cursor
      while no tagging file defined in f.cfg; rather than to say word not found.
    * Add support of "]" and "&" characters in file incremental search.
      refer to online help about $incremental for list of supported characters.
    * F12 (E/I) toggle exact case/ignore case search, to be the same global setting
      for viewer and editor to avoid confusion of the status.
    Sep  3rd, 2002  (beta *.6d)
    ! ^@Z  background zip, abnormally expect to have external zip.exe
      in same path as the filemanager exe,
      creating pb if F installed in a path with blank character.
    ! (OS/2,  Linux) start of a exe with blank in path is not working.
    ! (win32, Linux) SF4 on a rexx command with blank in path is not working.
    * ^@G background grep of marked file inside zip, explicitely report that not supported.
    * (win32) F4, SF4 function keys modified
      to execute in current session (F4) or start in new session(SF4)
      the application associated by Windows to current pointed data file.
      This is equivalent to the previous "/" or "start /" command executed
      on the command line of F.
    Jul 27th, 2002  (beta *.6c)
    ! FTP, (win32) F is unable to list all entries if server sending list
      of file/directory with one name with control character (like 0x1A)
    ! FTP, connection failure after a ftp timeout if try to delete a directory.
      there is no automatic retry of the connection. (I hope this is last condition)
    ! FTP unable to delete a FTP directory, side effect data capture in beta *.6b
    Jul 21st, 2002  (beta *.6b)
    ! (OS/2 or Win32) FTP delete directory on Aix/Unix FTP server, error RC = 550
      side effect of x.6a previous beta version FTP code change.
    ! (OS/2) trap F with copy/paste system clipboard, side effect previous version 4.6a
    ! @A/^A abnormal date/time change when only +/-a option
    !    ^A f option doesn't change correctly date/time for win32 version.
    ! trap F, when view C file with tab characters, if new parameter TAB_SIZE=2 in f.cfg
    ! FTP, other conditions of connection failure after a ftp timeout.
      (complete the correction made in beta *.5h and *.66)
    ! delete marked files is not stopped on first delete error,
      so error not presented on status line.
    Jul  1st, 2002  (beta *.6a)
    ! copy/paste from system clipboard truncation by window size on command line
      rather than to truncate to max command line string of 255 characters.
    ! (win32, Linux) memory leak if many copy/paste via system clipboard.
    ! (OS/2) copy marked files to other window, the Alt+Ins key doesn't work anymore
      side effect of code change in previous beta *.69
    ! Display empty file if while in viewer mode try to select in listbox
      an already open edit file with blank characters in path or name.
      (side effect old code change version *.5d)
    ! FTP server trap when gFTP client (GNU tool) try to connect, Similar problem
      with the Netscape/Mozilla browser with a FTP url syntax.
    ! Ftplogin to FTP VM  server, from Windows-98, invalid reported date format.
    ! Ftplogin to FTP VMS server (VAX machine)  correction of many errors
      related to files and directories manipulations. (still some pending)
      Add a short description of functionnality limitation in online help.
    ! FWS, many corrections in multi threaded log function handling the fws.log
      specific to F Web server. that may be the source of the not understood trap
      of FWS in OS/2.
    * "\ " "go to root directory" command functionnality
      changed for FTP/FFP windows as detailed in online help.
    + Add new parameters in config files, refer to fsample.cfg for details
    May  21th, 2002  (beta *.69)
    ! iso vfs, F trap if too many files in the VFS file.
    ! file annotations display is removed after F12 (refresh)
      on a window generated from mark command.
    ! lst vfs, no file annotations display if list file with wildcard characters.
    ! (Win32) rc=38 send_fmsg, message lost in f.log when more than
      one instance of fwin32 running at the same time, and first is closed.
      any generated messages are unable to be handled by the second instance.
    ! FFP, abnormal display as empty file, if try to access a file that is
      read protected on the remote FFP server.
      eg: v ffp0:C:\WINNT\system32\config\software.LOG
    ! FFP, on ffp server, the logged ffp client IP adress may be incorrect
      if the ffp client has more than one tcpip port.
    ! ffplist command doesn't show all ffp connections when test with VMWARE hosts.
      (different ffp clients are reporting same hostname, even if different ip address)
    ! (Win32) wrong time stamp when display FTP remote file (abnormal UTC conversion)
    ! FTPlogin to Host VM is failing  since  at least VM version 3A0,
      that changed the format of the date string from "9/25/96" to "2002-03-20"
    * lst vfs, support relative path specifications, as updated in online help.
    * lst vfs, accept to refresh such file window.
    * remove detailed list of background copy marked files in f.log (minimise f.log size)
    * add one line summary of foreground copy marked files in f.log
    + Editor: F2 key used to execute commands listed in  USER_FILEEXT_COMMAND
      to have same functionnality as in viewer mode.
    Apr   6th, 2002  (beta *.68)
    ! F trap in GetFileLine in internal viewer.
    ! qmail doesn't display subject when listing of some received email.
      add debug code in qmail for investigation, no correction yet.
    ! Backward search doesn't work in HexEdit mode.
    Feb  25th, 2002  (beta *.67) only Windows
    ! fnews update command doesn't get any new article from news server
      if previously last retrieved article is too old for the server.
      The code change is to retrieve from the oldest available article on server.
    ! Ctrl+M in viewer, doesn't point to correct matching parenthese
      if first one is prefixed by a tab character.
    ! link of file extension with USER_FILEEXT_COMMAND in f.cfg  doesn't work
      if target extension has trailing blank characters.
    ! F trap with usage of delstring command in internal editor.
    Feb  18th, 2002  (beta *.66)
    ! (win32) Ctl+Alt+Z doesn't start background zip with german keyboard.
    ! (win32) @ character not supported in editor    with german keyboard.
    ! (win32) copy directory error not reported on status line
      even if correctly logged in f.log
    ! FTP reported error if try to access a remote file, while the modem
      has been disconnected/reconnected since the first ftp connection.
      (not same local dynamic IP address).
    ! FTP, another condition of F hung on ftp reconnection after timeout.
      (complete the correction made in beta *.5h)
    ! Ctrl+Backspace abnormally use the mask of child subdirectory
      (eg: dir -s /p*.h  for child)
    ! FWS, Userid and Password abnormally requested by http F Web Server
      even if web directory is not protected in f.cfg.
      This is a side effect of FWS changes in beta x.65
    ! unable to define a path with blank characters in trusers file
      to authorised FTP/FFP access to such directories. (eg: trusers.smp)
    * (linux) accept remote zip request from FFP user
      as already supported for OS/2 and Windows.
      refer to Ctl+Alt+Z command online help.
    + fmail, add new option MAIL_SMTP_AFTER_POP in f.cfg
      refer to comments in f.cfg for details.
    Dec  31th, 2001  (beta *.65)
    ! Fmail, mail sent from F and read by Oulook Express, may be displayed
      as empty by Outlook Express, even if all text received and saved in mailbox file
      of Outlook Express. Bypass in Outlook Express is to access the source of
      the message: righ mouse => properties => details => message source.
    ! F12 (refresh) on file manager window doesn't refresh current active window
      in a specific scenario where the file window is created from USER_DIRECTORIES
      keyword in f.cfg for a path with blank but no quote delimiter; eg:
      USER_DIRECTORIES=C:\Documents and Settings
    ! The index file of the Forte Agent's outbox (outbox.idx) is abnormally
      identified as a tersed file and F try to unterse it automatically.
      (Forte Agent is a News reader application)
      Note: I am adding a reference to terse action in the online help of F
      as function supported for a while (with external terse.exe) but never documented.
    ! (win32) Ctrl+Break is killing F without any warning since beta version 2.5h
      side effect of changes related to dir zip:/ on sfx file.
    ! (win32) Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Break not detected by child process
      started from F (either with F4,SF4, or from command line).
    ! FWS error in reported filesize, make the html web browser (IE or Netscape)
      to not display correctly the pointed web page.
      The condition is to have the web page with multiple occurences
      of two special FWS keywords like "<$fws_cnt >" "<$fws_date >"
    ! fchange command modify the date and time of input file even if no change done.
    ! No error message on F status line if error detected while accessing an archive VFS
      extracted from a zip file. In fact the error is displayed but cleared
      too quickly to be able to be read.
    ! (linux) Alt+L is systematically mounting a device even if already mounted.
    * ZIP VFS, identify the directory entries inside a zip file, as was already done
      for other archive VFS since version x.5h, and don't allow to edit or view
      such a directory entry.
    * FTP client, modify the code related to MKD ftp command to not systematically
      issue the MKD from root to new path to be created.
      Change done only to minimise errors in fftp.log even if no functionnal error.
    + FWS, add new FWS keywords inside an html page to report directory list.
      refer to online  help for details.
      refer to comments in f.cfg for details.
    + FWS, add new WEB_SERVER_MIME in f.cfg to be able to add/modify mime type
      associated to file extension.
    Dec  10th, 2001  (beta *.64)
    ! FTP, bad FTP transfer from F FTP client to standard FTP OS/2 server
      no problem for other Unix or Windows FTP servers.
      The signature of the problem is the presence of 100 extra bytes
      at the head of the file saved on server.
    ! FTP, MKD ftp commands abnormally sent to FTP server
      when copy local file to remote FTP server,
      even if F knows target directory already exist.
      This is creating error msg in fftp.log when restricted access to parent directory.
    ! FTP, passive mode (-PASV) doesn't work if F-FTP server is running on
      a machine with more than one IP interface.
      Warning: Problem still alive for F linux/aix FTP client.
               bypass don't use passive mode.
    * ^SF5 [qmail]  support toggle of delete key in email listbox
      to complete the functionnality added with beta *.62
    * Correctly support STRIP_TRAILING_BLANKS=no  in f.cfg
      Before the default was to always strip the trailing blanks from edited file
      now the default is to not strip them, as documented in f.cfg
    Nov  25th, 2001  (beta *.63)
    ! (Win32) Hexedit, the last incomplete 64k segment gets not processed
      correctly for a dataset of length greater than 4MBytes;
      and remaining bytes are displayed as null.
    ! (OS/2) @F1, doesn't report TVFS info as error in last beta x.62 version.
      Take the opportunity to also report the TVFS info
      related to TVFS link point even if pointed entry is not
      the link point directory itself but a file in the directory structure.
    * ^SF5 [qmail] modified to display number or pending mails and total size
      before to ask the user to list them or not.
      This is required if a lot off pending mails, but only want
      to know if any, without waiting for details in the generated listbox.
      Add also the possibility to sort the list of e-mails in generated listbox.
      (use of @O key combination) to ease the delete operation on a group of e-mails.
    * [qmail all] new "all" parameter added to query the number
      of pending e-mails on all the pop servers defined in f.cfg
    Nov  11th, 2001  (beta *.62)
    ! Alt-1 on a line pointing to a fully qualified file name with quotes
      (because blank characters) like exemple below, doesn't work.
      "C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\default\prefs.js"
    ! descript.ion file in target directory not updated
      if copy a file (with file description) on a FAT directory.
    ! Alt-1 abnormally modified the change flag (the '*' on bottom left)
      of pointed file for specific scenario in editor mode:
      1-in the referencing line, modify a character.
      2-use Alt-1 on this same line.
      3-the pointed file is abnormally flagged as changed
        and the change in the referencing line is lost.
      Note that there is no problem is the cursor is moved to another
      line between step-1 and -2.
    ! (OS/2) again tvfs file info (@F1) trap with F hung
      similar and probably same type of problem as previous one
      reported and partially solved in version 4.58
    ! on viewer if backward search word under cursor with F7, then
      no "searching ..."  string. There is no pb with forward search (F8)
    * Alt-z (zip one entry) modified to have same behaviour as Ctrl-z:
      if pointed entry is a directory, then integrate the directory name
      and not only the data inside the subdirectory.
    * Alt-z and Ctrl-z modified to integrate empty directories.
    * for FWS web server function, add the 3 mime types associated
      to following file extensions:
      .123 (for Lotus-123), .prz  for (Lotus-Freelance), .lwp  (for Lotus-WordPro)
      Note that there is no function to display the list of harcoded mime types
      supported by the FWS function,
      and there is no function to add new entry in configuration file.
    * Ctrl-K on ffp marked files now backup files by adding ".bak"
      to current filename+extension and don't remove anymore the extension.
      This is done to have same behaviour for remote FFP file
      as already done for local files since beta version x.5a
    * ^SF5 [qmail] is modified to be able to delete the e-mails on the server
      directly from the listbox with the del key. online help updated.
      (easier to use than the fmail delete command)
    * Alt+C for local copy of a file now detects when target is same as source
      and report adequate error message,
      rather than to report a sharing violation problem.
    * Alt+C don't ask anymore for directory/file when target
      is a ftp or ffp directory obtained with Alt+Ins
    Oct  21th, 2001  (beta *.61)
    ! Alt-1 in process buffer on the output of compilation error message,
      doesn't work when error message have only a filename without full path.
      the code change in F is to memorise the path from where is started
      the command (use of the ':' command prefix) to be able to use it
      as relative path when required with Alt-1.
    * modify mask command to create a new file window rather than
      to modify current one. To have same behaviour as Crtl-w
    * reject refresh command (PF12) on a file window created by mask command
      this is required to avoid error during refresh.
    * Add pcdd command similar to ^SF8 to change directory of process buffer.

    F OS/2 4.60 / F Win32 2.60 / F Linux/AIX 1.5h (Oct 14th, 2001)

    This is the concatenation of all the beta x.51 to x.60 from 08/19/00 to 10/14/01:
    Oct  14th, 2001  (beta *.60)
    ! dir -s /p*.xml with  /p = "c:\program files\xxx" doesn't correctly scan
      all subdirectories because of blank character in the path.
    ! (os2) trap F when using fpinit to view a file.
      this is a side effect of beta version 4.5h
    ! Ctrl-C doesn't copy marked empty directories from zip VFS.
      this is a side effect of beta version 4.5f
    ! fcomp /M doesn't work if one of the marked files contain "#r" characters.
    ! (Win32) .cl doesn't work  (exe name prefixed by a dot to capture standard output)
      if the exe is found with a path with blank characters.
      this is a side effect of beta version 2.5h
    * fmail command modified to not reject the sending of a  file
      when one target address is detected as invalid by smtp server.
      The invalid address is logged in f.log but the mail is sent
      to other valid recipients.
    * Ctrl+Backspace on archive VFS window to be supported like normal file window.
      to create a new file window for parent directory. (as documented in online help)
    * replace warning that is not explicit when accessing dir inside some VFS:
      "Inside TAR/GZIP/ISO/RAR directory, operation not supported"
      replaced by:
      "No subdir access, go to all files below in the archive VFS (flat model)"
    Sept 29th, 2001  (beta *.5h)
    ! hexdump / /n did not work with file if blank character in file name.
    ! @V in archive file, still ask for file extension association
      @V should go directly to viewer without any question on file extension association.
    ! Trap F when fmail to send a mail with accented character as
      last character of Subject string.  (eg: Subject: ciné)
    ! (Windows and Linux) file annotations not displayed for FFP accessed files
      if FFP server is not Unix OS.
    ! "@K *" command to comment out marked lines is not using the correct delimiters
      for file of following extensions (h, cpp, hpp, cxx, hxx)
      This is a side effect of previous beta version adding DEFAULT_SYNTAX_EXTENSION keyword.
    ! dir (vfs):/ KO if directory/file with blank in space
    ! Ring list (F5, Ctrl-Up): some VFS archive full path name not displayed.
    ! (OS/2, Win32) cannot delete directory with +rsh attribute
    ! f.his (f history file) not saved/created if F started from read only dir.
      so f.his now created in same path as f.log (FLOGPATH if defined)
    ! convert zip2exe -> the new created exe file can't be shown as zip vfs,
      even a dir zip:/ doesn't work.
    ! (OS/2) split function for file with name > 8.3 to diskettes doesn't work.
      can't create such a name on the disk.
    ! (OS/2) Bad performance of a started command from viewer or editor windows
      pointing to a local file, if previous access to a tvfs or remote nfs directory.
    ! (Win32) problem to access UNC shared resource, dir \\i8000\share gives nothing.
    ! (Win32/linux) F hung after copy file on timeout ftp access.
    ! (Win32) trap rexx if execute "big" rexx command from filemanager menu.
    ! (Win32) wrong time stamp when display zip from FFP Windows cient compared to an OS/2 client.
    ! Alt+1 on ffp:u: the pointed line is invalid on target file
      if file previously accessed.
    ! Alt+1 on ffp:u: doesn't move to correct line if ffp:u: is prefixed with blank
    ! Copy file (Alt-C): timestamp not preserved for some archive VFS.
    ! Ctrl-Enter on subdir with blank in name. followed by Refresh (F12) :
      get root of disk instead of directory content refresh.
    ! dir zip:/ on sfx generated file, gives a duplicated path in window list (F5)
    ! RPM VFS detect invalid rpm file for kernel-source-2.2.17-21mdk.i586.rpm (18MB)
      because the offset of the cpio.gz part is after the expected max offset.
    ! TAR VFS display missing files for cdrtools-1.1.10.tar
      because contains link files that were not properly handled.
    ! Alt+1 don't work for a line like "perso_f1.txt(35) 1_10489 text here"
      Alt+1 on the line gives
      RC FindFirstFile=2 for (d:\tmp\perso_f1.txt). faeditc.c(2028)
      Problem seems due to presence of digits ('1_10489') at start of text
      No problem is no leading digits.
    ! unable to view archive files via FTP (except zip) because get in ascii and not binary.
    * (Win32) hexedit error on Windows NT when file size greater than 4MB.
      hexedit error: 8585216 bytes read vs. 8585251 bytes file size for ...
    * (Win32) remove requirement to prefix REXX cmd by "rexx" on command line.
    * Avoid redundant output of which/awhich commands when path of current
      filemanager window is defined in the PATH (explicitely or via '.')
    * Reject explicitely non supported function on VFS archives added by beta x.5g
      non supported functions are:
      o edit   file inside VFS (with internal editor of F, but OK with external editor)
      o delete file inside VFS
      o copy   to these VFS   (but copy from is working properly)
      o update files from VFS directory. (probably function to be added later)
    + Add support for ISO VFS (CD image) in all supported OS.
      No need for external executable/DLL/.so.
      Press Enter on .iso file, or associate with command 'dir iso:/'.
      Enter or Alt-V to view individual file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
    + Add support for DSK VFS in all supported OS. No more need for external executable.
      Press Enter on .dsk file, or associate with command 'dir dsk:/'.
      Enter or Alt-V to view individual file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
      Note: Support only no compression version. Compressed disk image is not supported
      (proprietary compression algorithm).
      To build these images (.dsk, .img or .?dk), use either savedskf (no compression),
      or F 'dskimg' built-in command. Or WinImage (Win32) program.
      Thanks to Jan van Wijk http://www.fsys.demon.nl
      for providing some documentation on Win9x VFAT long file name.
    + Add MESSAGE_ARRIVAL_WARNING  keyword (details in fsample.cfg)
    Jun  29th, 2001  (beta *.5g)
    ! (linux) ziptest doesn't work.
    ! (linux) Ctrl-C creating local trash subdir while copying marked
      directory to remote ffp target.
    ! (linux) Ctrl-C with target dir as a symbolic link dir
      reported error as target identified as a file !
    ! Backspace or Ctrl-Backspace on a dir that is in recursive mode is
      abnormally generating parent directory also with recursive mode.
    ! (AIX/Linux) RAR file not recognized.
    ! (Linux) Ctrl-Alt-T did not work (create TAR from marked files)
    ! trap on copy marked files inside ARJ VFS.
      2001-06-01 18:13:14,805 (x79c/x7a4) rc=5701046 (^C) (null)
      retcode=1 unarj.exe x -y "D:\tmp\ftest\testarj.arj" "MONITOR.C"
    ! (Windows NT/2000) unable to execute (with F4 key) a REXX cmd file,
    ! (Windows) Alt+H in editor/viewer mode doesn't move to pointed
      topic in the displayed help file.
    ! (Windows) Alt+C on a directory doesn't report error if
      unable to write to target.
    ! Dos2Unix  on marked files (Ctrl-L) doesn't display correctly
      the counter of processed files.
    ! DELETE_MAIL_FROM_SERVER=no  doesn't work on default user account
      if swemail command is not used to select the user account.
    ! Alt+1 doesn't work on Aix XLC error msg  if relative path.
      this is a side effect of previous x.5f beta version.
    ! fmail: sometimes subject/sender not displayed in listbox
      (case-sensitive string comparison).
    ! 'label' command: spaces (blanks) not accepted in volume name
    ! @1: editor, if not first time doing this on a given file,
      the pointed line has content of first line. Must move cursor some lines to update screen
    * Listbox (F5 or Ctrl-Up) modified to preserve column alignement
      even if path or file names is too long. modified also to
      avoid blank strings in various conditions.
    * Fcomp (Ctrl-F7 editor & viewer) place the active window as the first one
      to be compared so that the user is able to change easily between
      the two with Ctrl-W before to start the comparison.
      and support also now zip/ftp/ffp files.
    * FWS, modify the php support introduced in previous beta
      to accept php files in any directory (not only as cgi).
    + Add DEFAULT_SYNTAX_EXTENSION keyword (details in fsample.cfg)
    + Add WEB_DIRECTORYINDEX keyword (details in fsample.cfg)
    + Add direct exec/start of Regina REXX from F4/SF4 keys like IBM REXX (not tested)
    + Add support for files.bbs/00index.txt (read-only mode) in addition to
      existing descript.ion (and OS/2 extended attributes F2NOTE/.COMMENT/.SUBJECT).
      Reading files annotation uses the following search order:
      Setting files annotation still uses descript.ion (or OS/2 F2NOTE EA/.COMMENT/.SUBJECT).
    + descript.ion file now dynamically updated during copy/move/delete/update/rename files operations.
    + Add 'html2txt' command. html2txt ? for help.
    + Add fbzip2/funbzip2 commands.
    + Add bz2/tar.bz2/tbz/tbz2 VFS support (similar to tar.gz/tgz)
      You can enter xxx.tar.bz2.zip (ZIP VFS on BZ2 VFS on TAR VFS!),
      this also works, although theoretical since xxx.tar.bz2 is sufficient.
      dir bz2:/ or simply press Enter on bz2 file. Enter to view individual
      file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
    + Add WPI (WarpIN) VFS
      dir wpi:/ or simply press Enter on .wpi file.
      Enter or Alt-V to view individual file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
    + Add full support for RPM VFS in all supported OS. No more need for external executable/DLL.
      Press Enter on .rpm file, or associate with command 'dir rpm:/'.
      Enter or Alt-V to view individual file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
    + Add full support for CPIO VFS in all supported OS. No need for external executable/DLL.
      Press Enter on .cpio file, or associate with command 'dir cpio:/'.
      Enter or Alt-V to view individual file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
    + Add full support for DEB (Debian) VFS in all supported OS. No need for external executable/DLL.
      Press Enter on .deb file, or associate with command 'dir deb:/'.
      Enter or Alt-V to view individual file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
    + Add full support for CAB VFS in all supported OS. No need for external executable/DLL.
      Press Enter on .cab file, or associate with command 'dir cab:/'.
      Enter or Alt-V to view individual file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
    + Add full support for RAR VFS in all supported OS. No need for external executable/DLL.
      Press Enter on .rar file, or associate with command 'dir rar:/'.
      Enter or Alt-V to view individual file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
    + Add full support for TNEF VFS in all supported OS. No need for external executable/DLL.
      Press Enter on .tnef file, or associate with command 'dir tnef:/'.
      Enter or Alt-V to view individual file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
    + Add full support for ARJ VFS in all supported OS. No need for external executable/DLL.
      Press Enter on .arj file, or associate with command 'dir arj:/'.
      Enter or Alt-V to view individual file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
    + Add full support for LHA/LZH VFS in all supported OS. No need for external executable/DLL.
      Press Enter on .lzh file, or associate with command 'dir lzh:/'.
      Enter or Alt-V to view individual file, or use Alt-C, Ctrl-C to copy files.
    Apr  30th, 2001  (beta *.5f)
    ! (Aix+Linux) Error message not properly displayed if configuration file is read only
      by the active login user that try to update it with a command like @P used to
      add current file/directory to configuration file f.cfg
    ! (Aix+Linux) unable to unpack *.tar.gz files on Unix like machine with error msg
      "bad magic number 0x2ff1", This is a side effect of beta version 1.56
    ! (Win32) trap fwin32 when using Ctrl-U
    ! Extra cr/lf appended to last line/block after copy/cut to system clipboard.
    ! EXPAND_TABULATION keyword not active when data pasted or appended
      into built-in editor (mostly data copied from built-in viewer).
    ! FTP VMS: cannot ^Enter on a directory (create new file window from sub-directory)
    ! (Win32) in case of F trap, FTP/FFP/HTTP servers cannot bind (socket problem).
    ! 'fnews': trap without f.trp under some circumstances during newsgroup downloading.
    ! editor: 'delblank' did not work when trailing blanks are kept (keyword STRIP_TRAILING_BLANKS=no)
    ! 'dir lst:': bad file logging (truncation) on file not found in list file
    ! Cannot enter on directory with name > 128 characters. Ctrl-Enter was OK.
    ! FWS: under NT CGI support not operational.
    ! FTP:  bad log file used for logging FTP connection
    ! Bksp (parent directory) not working on UNC drive like
      dir "\\LETTRE\DECSS7\QA_Docs\Test Reports\ANSI_V31P_AVMS\V3.1-F + P4\""
    ! ^Bksp  (new window with parent directory) not working for UNC drives.
    ! ^Bksp on directory with blank in space did not work.
    ! @C from ZIP VFS to a: invalid path (rc=3), need for example to enter a:\
    ! (OS/2) ^C cannot kill in process buffer (problem with previous betas)
    ! (OS/2) @F6 cannot change to directory with blank in name (problem with previous betas)
    ! @F on directory give bad size if > 4GB. Also bad free disk size.
    ! editor: 'all' and file with blanks in path or name not working (Ctrl-Enter).
    ! editor: 'all' and FFP/FTP files with blanks in path or name not working (Ctrl-Enter).
    ! Cannot Alt-1 after grep (Ctrl-G) on files with blank in name or path.
    ! ftp: bad file name returned under some circumstances (NT/DOS format, with file name with blank)
    ! (Win32) Background FTP failed if source or target contain blank in path.
    ! (Aix+Linux) Alt+F10 on symbolic directory report "not a symbolic link"
    ! (Linux) error message displayed in shell window when starting external appli.
      message similar to "invalid character ... in exportstr for ..."
    ! Alt-U on one file to a non existing target directory, file not updated.
    ! (linux) F trap in listbox while incremental search.
    + Support error message handling of NPASM assembler with @1 (inline file loading)
      (refer to online help for all other supported compilers).
    + (Win32, OS/2) FWS: tentative support for PHP (.php, .php3) and Perl (.pl).
      Need php.exe and perl.exe in PATH.
    + ffp: for .jar file, need to support as zip file (on Enter)
    * Change order for search of file color to have user defined
      (USER_FILEEXT_COLOR) to overwrite default ones.
    * Better algorithm for memory allocation, use detab_calloc()
    * Color: .php/jsp/xsl should not be considered as .html.
      Color now user-defined with USER_FILE_EXTCOLOR.
    * Ctrl-Shift-F2: hexedit: must warn about file size too big e.g. > 10MB
    * Support relative path in C_HEADER_NAMEn tag ,like exemple below.
      C_HEADER_NAME2   = Filemanager code
      C_HEADER_PATH2   = ../common;
      C_HEADER_PATH2   = /usr/include;/usr/src/linux/include;
    * Allow to select a C_HEADER_NAMEn even if associated TAGS_FILE_LISTn not defined.
    * Alt+1 now support file name with relative path (use path of current active file).
    * Alt+K in editor mode, support code flagging not only for C and Rexx but also
      for html, unix shell, tcl. (today hardcoded list).
    * Add some exemples of USER_FILEEXT_COMMAND specific to Windows in fsample.cfg
      related to Windows screensaver or Windows Install.
    Mar 07th, 2001  (beta *.5e)
    ! eof character abnormally kept by internal editor, side effect
      of previous beta version related to automatic cr+lf detection.
    ! online help updated, for support of linelength of 2048 characters
      available since beta version *.56
    ! (Aix+Linux) which command is unable to find exe/script in path with tilde character.
    ! (Aix+Linux) unable to start F in XWindow if not started from same subdirectory.
      this is a side effect of the previous code merge of beta *.5c
    ! (Aix+Linux) FFP server function doesn't report correctly symbolic link directory
      to the remote client, so unable to view these directories remotely.
      modify also the client side to report correctly the symbolic link information
      (either file or directory, search "symbolic" word in updated help)
    ! problem ftp.chez.com: bad detection of file name
    ! gzip VFS: file with blank in name in .gz not displayed correctly in filemanager window
      (only first non blank word).
    ! no annotation displayed for files coming from LST VFS.
    ! cdd /p on a path with blank is not working
    ! F9 switch viewer/editor problem with files with blank in name
    + (Aix+Linux) add in fsample.cfg  the keyword FFP_SERVER_PORT
      required for machine with default port already used by other application.
    + support command line redirection to concurrent process buffer,
      when already in the process buffer window. (use of the ':' prefix)
      * the ':' prefix for process buffer redirection
                was previously supported only in file-manager window.
      * the ':' is still not supported in viewer window.
      * the ':' is used for line positionning in internal editor window
                so doesn't support process buffer redirection.
    + add new keyword USER_INTERNET_NAME
    + Editor: ^E offers choice to delete from cursor to begin or end of line.
    * suppress debug message on null pointer under editor
    * 'fgzip' command: add extension '.gz' instead of replacing existing file extension.
    * 'fchange': append '.bak' extension instead of replacing existing file extension.
    Jan 29th, 2001  (beta *.5d)
    ! if external_viewer external_editor setting between quotes in f.cfg
      because blanks in related path, the command may not be executed properly.
    ! if copy/rename file from zip ,with subdir in zip, then original
      file overwritten in target directory.
    ! cannot view file inside TGZ/TAR with subdir and user extension definition.
    + complete the implementation of ffp/ftp support for @1 inside a remote file
      started with beta version *.59
    + for internal editor, automatic detection of cr+lf or lf only delimiter
      to be able to save in the same file mode, as initial input file mode.
    Dec 29th, 2000  (beta *.5c)
    (the fwin32.exe has been uploaded two times, this same day,
     because first version had a pb)
    ! FFPLOGIN rejected by server if specified paths in trusers file
      are starting with the 'D' character.
    ! ASCII2ANSI not working properly in file with lines longer
      than 255 characters. The file is partially destroyed.
    ! mimedecode (via ^SF11) not working for attachement rcvd from standard mailer.
    ! (Win32) error of update of a directory tree (via @U) not reported to msg line.
    ! (linux) rename file via ffp overwrite target file if exist.
    ! (linux) Alt+Enter (for view tail) not supported
    ! (linux) delete file inside zip not done with rc=32256.
    ! (linux) trap when query free space (@F) on a mounted non ext2 file system.
    ! (linux) unsplit not working if split files from OS/2 machine.
    + Add the possibility to have specific mail_inbox file for
      each mail account. refer to fsample.cfg for details.
    + Add secret_mode for pop3 or nntp password in fsample.cfg
    + Add new keywords for NNTP authentications in fsample.cfg (RFC 2980)
    + Add a nntp.log (like the fftp.log)        in fsample.cfg
    + Add support of php and java delimiters with use of @K+* (block comment) in editor mode.
    Nov 06th, 2000  (beta *.5b) (OS/2 only)
    Nov 13th, 2000  (beta *.5b)
    ! (os/2) invalid target file/directory  after a copy with Alt+C command.
      side effect of code merge in 4.5a
    ! trap of F when Enter on a ACE file with invalid ace header.
    + Add the UPPER_LIMIT_FILES_PER_WINDOW in fsample.cfg
    * Increase the number of email account from 10 to 32.
    Nov 06th, 2000  (beta *.5a)
    + add error logging if invalid data in trusers file (for ffp/ftp server)
      to better isolate user configuration error.
    + add delete of marked FTP directory, previously rejected.
    + urlget to create path of specified local file if not exist.
    * backup file is now adding ".bak" to current filename+extension
      and don't remove anymore the extension. This is done for two purposes:
      - to ease to identify/retrieve the original file.
      - to support files like ".sh_history" with only an extension.
    ! command v / doesn't work on file inside zip in some specific conditions.
    ! error during copy from FTP server of marked file/directory with
      blank characters.
    ! if copy file from inside zip with new name, then original name
      erased in target directory.
    ! (Win32) need to report access violation  of delete sub directory.
    ! execution of /o not working if current window empty.
    Oct 22th, 2000  (beta *.59)
    ! GZIP file not uncompressed automatically from FFP/FTP access.
    ! "put unavailable, closing connection" error msg when
      saving FTP edit file if FTP server connection closed
      since first access.
    ! (os2) unable to "raise" the pen in editor draw mode.
      side effect of code merge beta 4.54
    + @1 inside a remote file to access the pointed file in the
      remote server and not locally. This 1st step is limited to
      file with fullpath (no relative path yet) and no compiler error reporting.
      This is completed by the above beta *.5d
    + (os2) call automatically inf viewer on *.hlp file that
      have the correct signature. (like under windows)
    Oct 16th, 2000  (beta *.58)
    Oct 04th, 2000  (beta *.58)
    ! (Win32) ^C not working if marked source files are read only.
      side effect code merge beta 2.53.
    ! (os/2) F traps if search file info (@F1) on a tvfs file/directory.
      this is a side effect of all beta built with invalid
      include/lib setting (on a new PC).
    ! (linux) any user commands pointing to a ftp file not working because
      tmp directory set to "$ftptmp" rather than "_ftptmp"
    ! F clipboard not correctly cleaned in editor mode with use of
      Delete key in the associated listbox, if more than one entry
      deleted at a time.
    ! (os/2) wrong alignement of dates in internal calendar (SF5 key)
      side effect code merge with linux version of beta *.54
    + (linux) Support ctags output format in addition to ftags
      Slick Edit format. Need to add a new TAGS_FILE_FORMATn=CTAGS_FORMAT
      in your f.cfg (refer to new fsample.cfg).
      Warning: still need to have tag file with CR/LF and not LF only.
    Sep 28th, 2000  (beta *.57)
    ! (windows) wrong alignement of dates in internal calendar (SF5 key)
      side effect code merge with linux version of beta *.54
    ! Trap in editor Ctrl-X t (or Ctrl-X d) side effect code merge beta *.54.
    ! Trap when ftplogin to french FTP server, side effect beta version (*.56)
      for handling of french month character.
    ! In editor Ctrl-X m not working as make command not submitted
      to the process buffer in the current directory.
    * Add online help with F1 key, for key usage of Ctrl-X options in editor mode.
      (same type of help as previously delivered with Alt-K or Ctrl-S)
    Sep 22nd, 2000  (beta *.56)
    ! trap in editor side effect syntax highlighting.
    ! ftplogin failed to access a french FTP server with specific
      string format for msg 257.
    ! invalid month translation for ftplogin to same ftp server.
      (month in nls format with accentuated characters).
    + (Linux) editor: add syntax hili (same as previous OS/2 and Windows)
    + editor: better performance syntax hili
    Sep 12th, 2000  (beta *.55)  (only for OS2/Windows)
    ! fpinit -sisview option not working, side effect previous beta version *.54
    ! trap in editor side effect syntax highlighting
    ! Ctrl-Shift-F9 (editor reload files) did not hili correctly sometimes.
    ! editor: @F2 in the middle of file: bad syntax hili sometimes.
    ! editor: no real-time update of syntax hili on modification on marked lines
    * fsyntax.smp: add 
    HTML tag. /////////////////// Sep 11th, 2000 (beta *.54) (only for OS2/Windows) /////////////////// ! Command line: Ctrl-Y or Ctrl-Alt-Y (paste) can have garbage data at end. + Command ascii2ansi/ansi2ascii to change all inside editor * editor: increase max LINELENGTH to 2048. ! viewer: bad HTML end of comment detection if Javascript and operator '>' used + Escape ring listbox inside editor and only process buffer present ! fmail: attachment not recognized by Outlook or Eudora + editor: add syntax hili + (OS/2) .subject/.comment/.history indicated dynamically by '@F10: more' string + (OS/2) Ctrl-Q and Ctrl-Shift-Q now get all F2NOTE, .SUBJECT, .COMMENT and .HISTORY string + Add 'loaddir' command, equivalent to ^SF10. So can be assigned to user-defined key like Shift-Alt-Fn key. + fsample.cfg/f.cfg: add USE_SUBJECT_EA_FOR_ANNOTATION=yes/no (default no) yes: use .SUBJECT EA for file annotation no: use F2NOTE EA + F7 (file annotation): use .SUBJECT EA instead of F2NOTE EA depending on f.cfg setting. ! @F1 and FAT32 IFS: bad indication on waste ratio. /////////////////// Sep 7th, 2000 (beta *.53) /////////////////// ! (HM) (Aix) deleting a directory tree does not work when there are files with 444 or 555 in directories under the directory to delete. * (MN) (Linux) ask to confirm delete of inode that are read only. * (MN) (Linux) able to choose to keep symbolic links during copy operation. * (MN) (Linux) keep owner/group info of directories (and not only files) during copy operation. * (MN) (Linux) keep date/time of directories (and not only files) during copy operation. * (MN) (Linux) cdd command abnormally changing path of concurent process buffer. change to not have this behaviour like other OS environment. ! (DN) (Win32) dir -s c:\fn.ft doesn't work as don't search fn.ft in all subdirectories of c: * (MN) (Win32) command "@H" in viewer/editor abnormally call viewer.exe (of OS/2) and not Win32 viewhelp.exe to search for pointed word in configured/selected programming book. Because of viewhelp limitation I am not able to pass directly the pointed word to viewhelp so you have to type the word in started application. * (MN) (Unix) change syntax of PROGRAMMING_BOOKS keyword (refer to fsample.cfg) to let user to choose between man or info commands to search for pointed word with use of command "@H" in viewer/editor mode. ! (MN) dir zip:/p/f abnormally download the zip from ffp server this is a side effect of beta version *.51 ! (NH) could not execute from viewer or editor any command file name that begin with numeric character (0 to 9). ! (MN) (Unix) SF7 (Link?) report error "errno=13 opendir (proc/6/fd)" during search of link of a valid file. when some path are not accessible /////////////////// Sep 1st, 2000 (beta *.52) not delivered as still under test. /////////////////// + (EG) Editor: add syntax highlighting support not dragged in next beta version ! /////////////////// Aug 19th, 2000 (beta *.51) /////////////////// ! (DN) trap when received mail is too small. ! (YP) empty dir entry via ftplogin when access to a french Unix server. ! (MN) abnormal warning msg if access a "big file" inside a zip before to prompt for the user command associated to file extension. "File size is greater than 10M bytes, do you really want to load it? (y/n) " specifically for OS/2 (already solved for other OSes) ! (DN) (Win-NT) RC RemoveDirectory=DIR_NOT_EMPTY for (sub-dir name) on Windows-NT if directory to remove has only one file with no subdirectory. ! (JL) some typo errors in the online help. * (MN) make the fsample.cfg and online help built from same txt source file for the different versions of F. Take the opportunity to change the versionning of F to be similar for the different OSes: 4.51 (for OS/2) 2.51 (for Win32) 1.51 (for Unix like) ! (MN) (Linux) started shell from Xflinux are unreadible because foreground and background are black. source of the pb is unknown, but bypass is to force xterm call with "-bg black -fg white" and add a new option XTERM_START_PARMS for customer own choice. ! (DN) dir zip:/p/f command of a zip inside a zip not working. similar problem for other commands with /p/f in other archive types. (zip tar ...) ! (MN) (Linux) temporary files (_F_*) not deleted at F startup.

    F Win32 1.92

    June  15th, 2000
    ! (Win32) (MK) Right-Alt key did not work with characters a-z on Japanese keyboard.

    F OS/2 4.41 / F Win32 1.91 / F Linux/AIX/FreeBSD 0.A1

    May  2nd, 2000
    ! (MN) /u, /U macro-variables: bad FFP session number substitution.
    ! (Win98) Editor: problem with accented characters (circumflex, trema...).
    ! (RR) Command line, Alt-Up: short command did not clear existing longer command line.
    ! (AL) (WinNT) trap at startup, when screen width is too big (> 256).
    ! Ctrl-Enter on a directory with blank in name: did not work.

    F OS/2 4.40 / F Win32 1.90 / F Linux/AIX/FreeBSD 0.A0

    April  18th, 2000
    ! (MN) (Linux) Cannot create KDE shortcut when not logged as 'root'.
    ! (EG) ZIP VFS: cannot mark/unmark with file specifications (eg. *.htm) for files with blank in name.
    ! (EG) Editor: search backwards for word under cursor (F7): cursor lost (bad column number)
      when not found and long line.
    ! (Unix) No support for Daylight Saving Time.
    ! (Unix) Move marked files (Ctrl-M): no ask for replacing existing target files.
      Also no handling for marked sub-directories.
    ! (Unix) Binary editor: cursor and shadow trace.
    ! (JL) Copy local directory to FFP with FAT: incorrect error message on creating target directory
      with long name.
    ! (AIX) FFP: bad return on some requests due to big-endian.
    ! (Unix) Move file (Alt-M): bad refresh.
    ! (AIX) (HM) Editor/viewer: some German Umlauts cannot be input. Note: for correct display,
      appropriate fonts are needed. Use 'qsys' command to list available fonts.
    ! (AIX) (HM) FWS: some problem with HTML files with frameset.
    ! (HM) Extracting from an TAR/TGZ archive: no y/n/a/q prompt for override.
    ! (Linux) Extract all marked files from RPM VFS: very slow.
    ! (HM) FTP client and broken pipe (timeout) without automatic relogin.
    ! (Unix) Ctrl-Z on sub-directory is not recursive.
    ! (OS/2) Ctrl-A hang (side-effect introduced with 4.3H).
    ! (Unix) FTP server: no report of directory size and link count.
    ! (AIX, Win32) Problem with head function (Shift-Enter).
    ! (Unix) Ctrl-Enter not recognized.
    ! (Unix) Improper handling of SIGTERM.
    ! (Unix) KeyPad-Enter, Ctrl-KeyPad-Enter and Alt-KeyPad-Enter not recognized.
    ! (Unix) Bad temporary directory for 'fsend' received files.
    ! (Unix) (HM) FWS: links to directories are displayed as a file and not as a directory.
    ! (HM) FFP compression: problem copying directory tree from AIX to Win32 or OS/2 target.
    ! (MU) 'ftpcmd': command and parameters are all in upper case.
    ! FTP: problem renaming marked files (Ctrl-R).
    ! (OS/2) (AM) Viewer: sometimes garbage due to 64K-limit of 16-bit OS/2 video routines.
    ! Hexedit (Ctrl-Shift-F2) and large screen width: F10 toggle ASCII/EBCDIC problem of Fkey display.
    ! FFP/FTP: Enter gives no action on .gz/.tgz files.
    ! (Win32) (MN) Viewer: search backwards (F7) can cause hang (side-effect).
    ! (Win32) Backquote not supported on French keyboard.
    ! (Unix) Cannot zip (Alt-C, Ctrl-C) a sub-directory, rc=1114.
    ! (Unix) (MN) 'set' command did not reflect all active environment variables.
    ! (MU) FTP copy directory: binary/ASCII transfer mode choice not preserved.
    ! (Win32/Unix) (MU) FTP: problem during copy marked files and automatic relogin.
    ! (AIX) External command started without key input. Need to be started with
      'aixterm' instead of 'xterm'.
    ! ZIP VFS: problem copying directory entry (0-byte) to target (local disk, FTP or FFP).
    ! 'edupf': display problem when executed inside viewer/editor.
    ! (Win32) (HH) Slowdown at startup (side-effect).
    ! (OS/2) (MN) Ctrl-Alt-G still refers to fgrep.exe instead of f_grep.exe (side-effect).
    ! Bad total files/marked files size if greater than 4GB.
    ! (Unix) Ctrl-M did not work in X Window version.
    ! (Unix) trap on 'maketree'.
    ! (Win32) (MU) Some key combinations with AltGr not recognized.
    ! (Win32) fupgrade on Win9x: bad screen width setting at restart.
    ! (MN) Trap on 'adir' with lot of files.
    ! (Win32) (MU) Ctrl-Alt-Y key badly recognized.
    ! (OS/2) %FLOGPATH% environment variable not taken into account.
    ! (MU) FTP: some OS/390 fixes.
    ! Alt-1 and FTP: ASCII mode not used by default.
    ! (MU) (OS/2, Win32) 'fupgrade' problem with directory with blank in name.
    ! FTP: view marked files (Ctrl-V) did not work.
    ! Trap after executing 'edir path *' when 5000+ files were found.
    ! (OS/2) 'edir' did not work with LIBPATH pseudo-environment variable.
    ! (OS/2) (GS) Some environment variables overridden.
    ! (AM) Clock frozen after running PM programs with '/M'.
    ! (HB) Trap on entering command with 'e /M' with lot of files.
    ! (AM) 'Pound' character (British sterling) not accepted in incremental search.
    ! (AIX) French keyboard: tilde character did not work on command and editor.
    ! (Unix) (HM) fsample.cfg missing HTTP_DEFAULT_PORT keyword.
    ! (FK) (Unix) USER_PHONEBOOK_FILE keyword does not permit 'tilde' syntax (home directory).
    ! (MU) Cannot copy file from ftpx: to ftpx:.
    ! (Win32) (MN) Trap at F exit under some circumstances.
    ! (FK) External editor/binary editor cannot be defined in f.cfg with full path.
    ! (YP) Trap if 'dir zip:/M' (bad syntax) and lot of files (and long path).
    ! (CF) Viewer: trap under some rare circumstances.
    ! (CF) View SRC and calc/math command display conflict.
    ! (Win32) Command line: Alt-1/AltGr-T/AltGr-H/AltGr-N not recognized.
    * (MU) FTP Unix: Automatic handling of link to directory on Enter key pressed.
    * Command with prefix ':': do not accept 'exit'.
    * (Linux/FreeBSD) Use default 8x13 font, and 90x48 video mode.
      Note: refer to XWINDOW_FONT_NAME keyword in f.cfg.
    * (MN) Enhance online help by adding keywords to facilitate search.
    * (EG) F11 from filemanager and f.log/fftp.log: do not always go to end of file.
    * Strip trailing blanks on .command.
    * (AIX) Use default 8x13 font, and 120x55 video mode.
      8x13 font allows to display correctly the German umlauts or French accented characters.
      Note: refer to XWINDOW_FONT_NAME keyword in f.cfg.
    * (MN) (OS/2) No longer capture f2$view.log, to avoid problem with handles inherited by started session.
    * (CF) USER_COMMANDS: strip trailing blanks at the end (before the comments).
    * (MN) Add message/logging when 'fpinit -sisview' refer to file not found.
    * FWS: improve performance by no longer try to determine client host name at each request.
    * (Win32) Allow more German umlauts.
    * Add logging of target OS type on successful ffplogin.
    * (FV) File manager window navigation: cursor keys Left/Right key always go to left/right side
      instead of toggle panel side.
    * (FWS) Counter applicable to index.html too.
    * (OS/2, Win32) Alt-L now use '*' to log to FFP session.
    * (EG) 'fgrep': add logging at start/end of background process.
    * (MN) Add error logging when configuration file f.cfg cannot be read.
    * ^Z on FFP: automatic double slash if needed.
    * Alt-1 and HTTP URL: keeps original file name.
    * (MU) OS/390 FTP support (continued).
    * (MU) Support Alt-K for OS/390 by setting LRECL/RECFM/BLKSIZE.
    * Help for f_grep.exe changed to reflect the real name f_grep.
    * fgrep.exe changed to f_grep.exe to avoid possible name collision.
    * (OS/2, Win32) (MN) Add environment variable %FTMPPATH% where to put all temporary files
    * (Win32) suppress inclusion of zip/unzip.
    * 'urlget': do not skip the leading '/'.
    * (Linux) No longer use UPX compressor.
    * (GS) Help updated on 'calc'/'math' command about '%'.
    * (OS/2) Reduce EXE size to fit on 1.44MB diskette.
    * (MU) Ask Ascii/Binary mode for FTP transfer + logging of transfer mode.
    * (OS/2, Win32) Directory tree: use ASCII character < 128 to draw tree.
    * (MU) Enhance 'dus' command to show all sub-directories size.
    * (OS/2) (HM) Online help: document 'trusers' format.
    * (Linux/AIX) (FK) Update online help for @A/^A and file permissions/owner.group.
    * (MN) Online help updated to add command line equivalences to some keys.
    * (Linux) Prevent running in console mode on OS other than Linux.
    * (Unix) (FK) Support tilde notation where applicable.
    * FTP server: add REST in supported command list.
    * (Unix) Directory now created with 755 file permission.
    * (MU) FTP server: support ASCII/Binary mode in upload.
    - (Linux) Suppression Alt-T.
    + Add 'manmode' command to facilitate viewing of man(groff) files (e.g. Linux HOWTOs).
    + (MN, AL, EG) 'calc'/'math': add parenthesis and operator precedence support.
    + (CG) FTP Ascii/binary choice: offer possibility to cancel (Escape).
    + (MN) Add '/u' and '/U' macro-variables for VFS fully qualified file name:
      Some examples:
         local file                o:\data\file.txt
         local file inside zip     zip:o:\data\file.zip\subdir\itemfile.txt
         FFP file                  ffp0:[path]file.txt
         FTP file                  ftp0:[path]file.txt
         zip FFP file              zip:ffp0:[path]file.zip\subdir\itemfile.txt
    + (AIX): Concurrent process buffer (.process) implemented.
    + (Unix): Marked files operations can now be interrupted with Escape/Ctrl-C key.
    + (Linux): Concurrent process buffer (.process) implemented.
    + (HM) (Unix) FWS: Add CGI GET support.
    + 'urlput'/'urlget': support list file. Useful to upload/download in background set of files.
    + (Unix) (HM) Link to directory must be sorted as directory in file manager window.
    + (EG) add background mode (-b option) to potential lengthy 'dir -s' command. Ctrl-Shift-F1 to inform.
    + 'fpinit -dir lst:listfile' now supported.
    + (Unix) FWS: add display of file permission (e.g. all drwxrwxrwx) for every file/directory.
    + (Unix) Show sticky bit (t-bit) more explicitly.
    + Add Ctrl-L to convert between Unix (LF) or DOS (CR-LF) format for marked files.
    * (MU) FTP/FFP: Add file permission for Alt-F1.
    + (Unix) (MU) Display file permission for directory (FTP/FFP).
    + (Unix): Add title to started xterm session.
    + FTP: for Unix hosts, allow Alt-A, Ctrl-A to change file permission.
    + Add FreeBSD version.
    + (MU) Hexedit (Ctrl-Shift-F2): support copy marked block (Alt-C).
    + (FF) Ctrl-H (tagging) support for FFP/FTP files inside viewer/editor.
    + TAR/TGZ VFS: show owner/group (Ctrl-Alt-O) even under Win32 or OS/2.
    + Add FTP_PORT keyword in fsample.cfg.
    + (Unix) Editor: handle non-Unix mode on save ('unixmode' command).
    + Preserve file timestamp regardless of timezone when copying from ZIP to local disk.
    + Support syntax like:
         dir ftp://user:password@ps928s3.lagaude.xxx.com/f:/sinvtools/source
         dir ffp://user:password@ps928s3.lagaude.xxx.com/f:/sinvtools/source
      Advantage: automatic ftplogin/ffplogin + default directory. Can be stored with USER_COMMANDS
      keyword in f.cfg.
    + Support more than 64K files per file manager window.
    + (Unix) (MN) Add directory tree view/build (Ctrl-F6, Ctrl-F9).
    + Alt-F1 now displays LRECL, RECFM, BLKSIZE for FTP OS/390.
    + (Win32, OS/2) Add %FTMPPATH% environment variable to control location of F temporary files.
    + (MU) Indicate active window on other panel by (o) in Ring listbox (F5, Ctrl-Up).
    + (MU) Support dynamic change of %FCFGPATH% environment variable to switch configuration file.
    + Viewer, editor: support Alt-1 on http://url
    + Collector file: add FTP/FFP prefix if collected from FTP/FFP window.
    + Editor: add 'lalign' command: align marked block to the left.
    + (EG) Add LST-FFP and FFP-LST VFS support, e.g.:
         dir lst:ffp3:e:\backup\backup.lst
    + Add 'edupf' command: find duplicate files in directories indicated by an environment variable.
    + (MU) FTP: Support OS/390 FTP server.
    + Allow Ctrl-Bksp on empty FTP directory.
    + FTP: support resume download.
    + Add 'fileperm' command.

    F OS/2 4.34 / F Win32 1.84 / F Linux/AIX 0.98

    January 22th, 2000
    * (MN) Command history file (f.his): do not log password.
    * (FV) Viewer: marked block on single line now shown.
    ! (RR) Problem moving directory under some circumstances.

    F OS/2 4.33 / F Win32 1.83 / F Linux/AIX 0.97

    January 19th, 2000
    First public release.